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for the murder of his wife comes to an end. ryan jenkins found dead in a hotel room. the search that stretched from california to canada. fox 5 morning news starts right now. it is 6:59 right now. coming up on 7:00 on this monday morning. it is august 24th, 2009. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll have much more on back to school day. and also ahead, the suspect behind a string of deadly bombings in iraq confessed to a television audience. with new plans to draw down in american forces in the months ahead. we'll look at the mounting crisis in iraq. and at 8:00 this morning, we're trying to tighten our budgets but what can you do when an unexpected bill or household emergency means you need to come up with cash now.
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we have tips coming in our money monday segment. one thing we don't have to worry so much about this week is hurricane bill, which is a goner now. now just a tropical storm. but the remnants battered canada eastern coast, knocking out power to 40,000 people. the coastline continuing to see waves more than 30 feet high and the storm was deadly in maine as it passed the northeast u.s. wild waves swept away a group of tourists in maine, killing a 7-year-old girl. saturday a swimmer died down in florida. 7-degrees to start our monday at 7:00 and tucker barnes is in for tony this week with the forecast. >> thank you very much. we have some wild weather off to the south and east this morning. the showers and thunderstorms continue and now crossing the bay. and s go right to hd radar show you the shower that's continue a -- showers that
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continue across the area. h . dwersho we n delwa and they to ush p uentto push off to the east and ortheast. a fewewinstene intense cells a agt e,onace tonage, nother round of showers. the trend around here will e beb to introduce more sunshine later on this afternoon. so waking up with partly sunny skies and we should be dry around here this afternoon. 73 degrees at reagan national. humidity is better. 71%. dew point in the low 60s. so the air more comfortable than the weekend. our winds out of the north and st at 6 miles per hour. here is a look at your forecast and i'll be back with more details and look at the radar coming up. mostly sunny 6 afternoon. the possibility of an early ny shower or thunderstorm particularly to the south and east. high erpemature about 87 degrees. i'll be back with more details on that forecast.
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let's get to julie wright with a look at our on-time traffic and back to school day. julie. don't forget the apple and your new sneakers. we're out on the roads and we have a lot to talk about in virginia. that's the hot spot is morning with a crash southbound along i-95. v-dot is moving the camera, but the accident activity on the southbound side. so expect delays leaving springfield southbound on 95. northbound in the h.o.v. lanes you'll find delays leaving lorton and the main line will slow at the springfield interchange. behind me, the top stretch of the beltway leaving new hampshire avenue into silver spring. a little bit of a slowdown here west of 650 past university boulevard. no accidents to report right now traveling south on 270 out of germantown headed for the lane divide. authorities are check for a crash reported along 450 at the
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beltway. this is the live shot of commuters on the gw parkway north of national airport. no incidents to report up to 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our big story this morning. d.c. public students returning back to school. >> there is a question whether one school is ready to welcome students today. sherry ly joins us live with the late e. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the renovations at don burros renovation had been going on until the last minute. we saw the lights on and peop going in and out of the building. we've seen staff begin to arrive here at the school. now early this morning, around midnight, the pta came by and said that the instruction work was still just wrapping up hours before school starts and some parents say this school is not ready and they will not be sending their kids to class
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today. teachers were left to get their classrooms ready yesterday in the midst of constructions. d.c. says burros is ready and will open on time but the pta is not satisfied with that. they will be handing out face masks for children to wear. and yesterday crews were still painting and installing air- conditioning. and the pta says with paint and fumes left behind, it's just not safe. >> as you can see, the project is not complete. my daughter will not be going until wednesday. >> i've been coming by each day seeing the improvement or the possibility of the school opening. and from what i see, no, it's not going to open. >> reporter: now school starts in less than an hour. the pta says they will be greeting kids and urging them not to send their kids to
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school for 72 hours or until some air quality tests are done. d.c. school have been renovating a number of schools in the city as part of a modernization project. d.c. says the school is ready but some of the parents in the pta here at burros say they can't understand why this has to be such a last-minute project when they had three months to do it and squeezed it in in four weeks. sherry ly, fox 5 news. now let's head to prince george's county where student have already entered the doors of some schools this morning. >> and there is something special about the first day but superintendent hite says every day should be that way. and holly we heard from him a while ago. >> reporter: yes. and he said for the students nervous and excited and apprehensive about the new
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year, that's okay. because so is he. it takes a lot to run a second largest school district in maryland. there are some changes on tap for the prince george's county school system. we've been here at the bus stop all morning long in brandywine and things have gone off smoothly. a lot of buses are out and on the road and the school year is officially underway. in fact 96,000 of the 130,000 students that attend prince george's county schools ride the bus. so it's important for all of this to go off as scheduled. this year, some of the buss that left this lot will be going to new schools. in fact, there are six new k-8 schools in prince george's county. and dr. hite said that is important because after the board of education came up with their recommendation they said one of the things they thought would be advantageous for students is to enter as a
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kindergartener and stay through 8th grade as posed to transitioning after the 5th year. there is also a new arts school, benjamin falloy school. and he did comment on the fact that the biggest challenge is revenue when it comes to the school district. they have had to make some cutbacks but they want to do that without taking away some of the programs that are helpful to the children. but another big push that they're having is that they are encouraging all parents today on the first day of school to either take the child to school or be there when they get off the bus and engage with them about the school experience because research shows time and time again when parents are involved in the child's education, it's all that much hipcchild. allison and steve, back to you. >> thank you, holly. the school bell is ringing throughout the region in addition to d.c. and prince george's county, it is the first day of school in frederick, charles and anne
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arundel county. and in virginia, back to school in fauquier and culpeper counties. the reality tv search is over. ryan jenkins was on mary wants a millionaire. some of the details you're about to hear are graphic, so we should warren you. lauren sivan joins us. >> reporter: police in british colombia believe ryan jenkins committed suicide, possibly by hanging himself. >> there was a person found in british colombia is in fact ryan jenkins. at this time the circumstances into his death is continuing and the preliminary suggestion is that he took his own life. >> reporter: he's accused of
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strangling his ex-wife, model jasmine fiore. her body was found on saturday in a trash bin in buena park. she had been missing since august 13th. place say her teeh were knocked out and her fingers cut off in an tempt to mask her body. a serial number from her breast implants were used to identify her. >> the disadvantage is that he will not stand before an orange county jury. >> reporter: he drove toward british colombia and then took a boat. >> it's a sad situation. >> reporter: according to the mother, fiore had the marage annulled, but so far no records of that annulment had been uncovered. out of gas and at the end of the road. you only have a few hours left
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to trade in your clunker if you want to take advantage of the cash for clunkers program. the programnds at 8:00 tonight. even with several hours still on the clock, you might have missed out on a good deal because some dealers have opted out of pushing through last- minute deals because they had to front the cash and government is taking too long to reimburse the money. tourists at martha's vineyard are hoping to catch a glimpse of the obama family as they vacation there. they are expecting to take beau with them. the president does not have any public events planned. and as the fall flu season grows nearer, there is an increased focus on fighting another wide-spread swine flu breakout. that's coming up. first violent attacks in iraq are growing larger and more frequent, including one attack that left 95 people
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dead. and with the drawdown of american troops looming, can anything be done to stabilize the country? we'll take a closer look next. 
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welcome back. it's 7:14 right now. it looks like a nice start for the d.c. area. it's 15 minutes past 7:00, temperatures 70 degrees. >> the kids in my house have one more week. i said enjoy it kids, one more week. >> and then it's over. >> i remember those days. we have a mix of sun and clouds across the area. we have thunderstorms that have been hammering parts of the area south and east of the city this morning. and that's why we've got the cloud cover here in washington. but it should be a mostly sunny day and want to start the forecast, i wait all year for this, i wait all year. >> for the bus stop. >> it is the bus stop forecast
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and it is back. >> it's a new bus this year. >> we took the limo out. tony didn't like that. >> it was odd to have a limo. >> that's a souped up one. >> it's got a lift kit going on. >> partly sunny, less humid, temperatures in the low 70s and our sunrise this morning was at 6:30. ntinco uecontinue to ing you ayl the bus stop forecast erevy morning over the next evmth ko. odgo looking, tuck. >> thank you very much. here is your forecast. that is over doing it. here in washington we do have cloud cver. e udo have thunderstorms off t urydosb a wwat the beaches, you'll get another round of showers and thunderstorms. here in washington, morning cloud cover. off to the ornth and west, should be a partly sunny .day i think we'll see sunshine this afternoon with high temperatures in the middle 80s. bespt aryf othe forecast, f les humid than this weekend. this weekend was prettpretty aw
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70 at reagan national. 56 in pittsburgh. nice a dry. 55 in cincinnati. our trend around here the next couple of days will be to keep things on the warm side but left humid tuesday and 8 tomorrow, 90 on wednesday. the showers and thunderstorms return by the end of the week with another cold front. but this week should be a little quieter than it was this weekend when we had all of the flooding rains here on saturday. >> thanks, tucker. let's check in with julie wright and find out what it's like on the first day of school. >> not bad. the big trip is southbound on 95 where we had the accident activity south of 7100. cleared to the shoulder so the lanes are open as you continue southbound into woodbridge. traffic will slow on the northbound side leaving the prince william parkway into lorton. no accidents south on 270 leaving rockville. toward the lane divide, all lanes are open. 450 at the beltway, still checking for an accident at that location and the gw
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parkway in good shape traveling north of national airport. southbound still at speed leaving the beltway toward the potomac crossing. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. this man has confessed to a string of deadly bombings in iraq. the iraqi militarybroadcast the confession on television to ease fears and anger in the country. deadly attacks have escalated in the past few weeks and concern that sectarian violence could run rampant as u.s. forces begin to draw down. more more insight we're joined by our military analyst this morning. admiral mike mullen is concerned about the recent activity, the upswing in violence there. do you agree and if so why such concern? >> i do agree. and i think we're concerned. the training wheels are off and now they have it on their own and some very disappointed
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government in this area. remember the ministries were the finance and the foreign affairs, not the department of defense, nor the department of the ministry of interior. so it was an inside job. there was no question. the chap that you pointed out early. but look behind what iran is doing. so i'm very concerned with that. >> the other thing, and what you mentioned and what we lead into when we talk about this videotape confession, this is apparently a former saddam supporter, but he says he got the word from the military, does that change the impact of things? >> it points out we have a relationship between iran and syria and is syria trying to disablize iraq. that is what is the disturbing thing. because everybody was worried and admiral mullen himself was worried about up in the kurdish
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area between the arabs and the kurds but it looks like they're trying to reignite the sunni shiite lead and that can come from iran and syria. and on the 28th and 29th of july, the military, the iraqi security forces, a camp ashcroft where there are former iranians protected under the fourth geneva convention and it was a brutal attack which meant it had to be condoned back here at the department of state and at the department of defense level. >> and when you were talking before about what looks like some inside workings going on, first of all, what do you make of the videotaped confession. and second of all, as far as the iraqis say, it was done to ease contention there, but you are also admitting there are
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people that are bribing check points, which doesn't make it that much safer either. >> and that is the key thing. whether this is a contrived confession or not, they had to get results early. we won't know that for a while. but we do know it was a massive attack, it was an inside job, they had to get through the check points and so that means there is a split within the government, that there is a corruptive military and police department and either malaki has to weed that out or it will take the government down. >> what happens with the u.s. involvement there because we've en tucking about drawing down now, does this change how the u.s. has to look at this partnership now? >> wll, this is going to make it hard. can the malachi government do it's own. i think we'll continue our withdraw. and one instance like this doesn't mean it will all fall apart, but that's why i brought
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up the ash craft situation. there are certainly things going on in the government that are corrupt and can he handle this on his own? that's the big question. i believe we'll continue our withdrawal after the election in january, but it's very tenuous right now. and then people heard what admiral mullen said yesterday about what is going on in afghanistan. so the obama administration is faced with some very serious issues. >> where do you see things going when we look down the road? is it still too early to tell? can we base a lot of this on from last week with the major bombings there or do we have to give it more time to play out? >> we have to give it more time. we can't allow just one incident, but we have to let it play out and be very careful. >> general, thank you very much. 7:22.
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new claims into the alleged abuse of terror suspects by americans. and plus the latest on the health of fidel castro. a video of the former leader after the break.
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the new york times is reporting the justice department ethics office is recommending nearly a dozen of the c.i.a. prisoner cases be pursued. that will remove the policy from the bush administration closing the cases and it could expose criminal contractors to criminal prosecution. the president said he's not in favor of investigating the past administration. a rare citing. cuban state television broadcasting recent footage of fidel castro. he appears to be looking much healthier. it shows him talking with a
7:27 am
group of convenient zel and venezuela students. we'll find out how prepared maryland is for swine flu. state health officials are working on an ambitious plan to offer the vaccine to every maryland resident who wants it but the plan is dependent upon the availability of the vaccine. coming up, we'll check today's top stories. >> plus hours to go in the cash for clunkers program which has been deemed a success and has seen an increase in local car dealers. dealer have complaints and we'll investigate coming up next. and students across d.c. and maryland and virgin are back to school today. we have live team coverage just ahead. e
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we're back with a check on our top storiesch a reality tv contestant accused of killing his wife will never fac charges, because ryan jenkins killed himself near british colombia. police are looking for a woman that drove him to the hotel.
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he fled to canada after his wife's body turned up in a bumpster. a woman paid for the hotel room for three days and when they didn't check out, the hotel found the body. and hurricane bill has winds still near 70 miles per hour and is expected to weaken but will produce a large area of storms. now bill bypassed the u.s. shores but linked to two deaths. in one incident a wave carried away a group of tourists, including a 7-year-old girl. the president in martha's vineyard. and there is talk the president may have to break away from his vacation to visit senator ted kennedy who is battling brain cancer. his absence may be hurting the
7:32 am
president's cause. >> because he had a unique way of sitting down with te parties at a table and making the right concessions which really are the essence of successful negotiations. at the very least, the president will be working the phones during this vacation to try to keep members of his own party on board for health care reform. he'll never evy democrat on board to get it through. 7:31 right now and tucker is here with the -- are we doing the bus stop forecast every time? >> we can't do it every time because people will decide they don't want to see it. >> some kids are already gone. >> tin 8:00 hour. aeemen ry >> well we want t t oghet rit t the forecast. not in washington. you're not looking at anything bad. ittoward osuth south and easttoward the beaches, salisbury eageing ttngstt
7:33 am
activity, rm cambridge, that part of the world. earlier it was in st. marry's city that had a thunderstorm warning in affect and the storms pushing off to the east at about 20 miles per hour. ocean city and bethany beach, if you're out at the beaches, you'll get a line of showers and the possibility of strong thunderstorms moving through. and these thunderstorms have a history of producing gusty winds and some hail already, so there is a possibility you could see more severe weather as that exists the coast. here in washington, not a bad looking day. might have a sprinkle toward waldorf, but generally speaking, we'll be in for quiet weather here and should be a dry day for the most part and points north and west. and watch the showers and thunderstorms overnight. you'll be able to see that during the nighttime hours, the showers and thunderstorms really got going. and there they are pushing off the coast at this hour. so they're going to drive the cloud cover with it. we have clouds out there right now, but as we get into the
7:34 am
afternoon hours, high pressure out to the west, into ohio and west virginiawill start to push in and we should be in for a mostly sunny afternoon. i think partly sunny to mostly sunny with just the slightest chance of a popup shower or thunderstorm here in washington and less humidity. that will be the best part of the forecast. the humidity will really stay low here the next couple of days. right now the dew point only about 60 degrees or so. 70 is the current air temperature in washington. 64 in frederick. 64 in winchester. that is more pleasant than what we've been dealing with the last couple of mornings so enjoy the afternoon as high temperatures back into the middle 80s. mostly sunny out there and i mentioned the early thunderstorms. less humid than this weekend. high temperature 80 degrees with winds out of the north and west at 5-10 miles per hour. there is a look at the next couple of days. and tuesday and wednesday featuring temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90 and not expecting thunderstorm activity to return until late in the week. a cold front coming in thursday and that will give us scattered
7:35 am
showers and thunderstorms by thursday and friday. and now let's get to fox 5 on- time traffic and that means julie who has the latest on the bus stops. there are a lot of kids out there with new shoes on. here we go. inner loop of the beltway, route 1 college park, this is where d around to the greenbelt metro. lanes are open but it is the focal point of the inner loop delay leaving loop 1. outer loop won't slow until you hit new hampshire avenue and then on brakes into silver spring. slow between shady grove and 28 in rockville. 66 east of muddily street, lanes are open, but 66 backed up between 7100 and fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. remember those sky high utility bills that folks were complaining about last winter whertheost of some homes
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tripled. the examiner reports that there were faulty meters to blame. the advocates office received 400 official complaints and a little more than 40% were high because of bad meters. but pepco says that's not true, citing it's own analysis of a 95% accuracy rate. want to still get cash for that clunker in your drivew, better hurry up. the program runs out of money tonight. some say the multi billio dolr deal had major problems. sear is fox's sarah simmons. >> reporter: it's the end of the road for the uncle sam cash for clunkers program. buyers are racing to cash in by monday evening. >> it's a great deal. >> reporter: in one month, consumers across country are burning through the $3 billion allotted by congress, maki cash for clunkers quite a success. >> this thing is phenol nall.
7:37 am
great. we sold nearly 11,000 cars. >> reporter: the government giving buyers up to $4,500 to trade in gas guzzlers for newer, more fl-efficient cars. >> in most cases worth just a couple hundred dollars. they were purely junk. >> reporter: but that comes out of the dealer pockets and then they have to apply for a government reimburse. and with paperwork, some say it's a slow process. >> i'm nervous because i have a million dollars in receivables outstanding and i haven't been paid. >> reporter: many auto dealers nationwide didn't want to or couldn't front the cash. so they chose to put their brakes on the program altogether. auto nation, the country's largest car chain, pulling out of cash for clunkers three days early. transportation second ray la hood says dealers will get their money back. >> they're going to get their money, we have the money to provide to them. >> well for more on the impact
7:38 am
here at home we're joined by jeff poe hanka. thank you for deal with us today. just your overall impression of the program. >> this has been a very successful program for the consumer. 750,000 cars have been sold under the program and a tremendous success. it should be surprise -- it shouldn't be a surprise because it's been used for other countries with success. >> what about for you. >> it's a bureaucratic nightmare which should be a simple process which was made complex. there are 18 pages of laws, 160 pages of regulation and it's so complex it's hard to apply. equally difficult for government to process those applications. we've been paid on perhaps 3% of the deals we've done so far. >> you've slowed it down but you expect to do a couple more today. the deadline by 8:00 tonight.
7:39 am
>> if we don't get the paperwork in by 8:00 tonight we won't be paid and right now we have close to $4 million due to just us. >> and when you hear secretary la hood talking and says you will get the money, do you feel encouraged by that? do you feel like when you hear him speak you did the record thing. >> you would be surprised how many cars were sold because a lot of consumers who don't have clunkers came in too because people felt good about buying a car again. so we sold cars to people who didn't have clunkers as well. it's a tremendous program. they should finish and continue the program after the paperwork program is completed but it is a real burden on dealers. we come into this in a weakened financial position, our sales are down 5-40% and to take on additional debt is very difficult for us, a great burden for car dealers. we were concerned about this
7:40 am
going in, and the government said we'll pay you in 60 days and we said no, that won't work and we'll pay you in 30 days, no that won't work but now they have to pay us within 10 days and i have lots of claims that are 30 days or older and haven't been looked at yet. >> so when the deal goes through, it's 10 days from that, not from today. >> it's 10 days from the time i submit the application. we need paid. it's in the law. and i'm sure we'll be paid. but to put that much money out in the condition dealers are in, it's a burden right now. >> what is it like on the consumer? i can imagine you go in with this enthusiasm and you're slowed down by the paperwork, and understanding it. >> it took us a while. we spent a lot of time, our company, trying to figure out how this would work. it's been tremendously successful for the consumer.
7:41 am
i've never seen that many people in the dealership with smiling faces. this is great stimulus. it's not very expensive. trillions of dollars spent on the economy seemingly without any affect and here is $3 billion being spent and we're seeing it. it's tremendous. it's incredible. it's hard to describe. and some people will say this program will take customers who will buy in september and october and august. and that's not true. i've talked to scores of customers and managers who dealt with the customers and i said are they in the market in september and october. and they said no. they would have driven their cars until they stopped running. so this is truly plus business for us. >> pohanka is a large dealership. were all dealers able to participate in this? >> some were not. some are at risk because of
7:42 am
participating in the program. it's not the programs part. it's the administrative part. that can be fixed. and if we're going to spend money on the stimulus, we should feel the affect. america's car manufacturing plants are gearing up and adds shifts and hours and filling the orders for the cars we've sold. all of the sales numbers are not in. but once they are, we'll see a tremendous rise in vehicle sales. this is good stimulus. it's very cost affective stimulus. it only costs the government 60 cents on the dollar because up to 40% of the money given to us goes back to states in earp it -- in terms of sales tax. and you get a dollars worth of stimulus. >> be hard pressed to find that. we appreciate your time and insight into the program. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us. steve, over to you. 7:42 right now. here is something people haven't seen since your great grand father's time. a play for history book you
7:43 am
don't want to miss because you might not see another one like it for another 80 years. and two preseason games in but thgs not looking good for the redskins. we'll find out what coach zorn has to say about plays like this coming up when fox 5 morning news continues. ot
7:44 am
thanks so much for having me. what does this one do?
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[ ship horn blowing ] get out. very good, sir. [ jazz band playing "anchors aig ]h" [ ship horn blows ]
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checking headlines around the world. firefighters are battling wildfires in greece. they are making ground now. now that heavy winds are starting to die down, a tate of emergency is still in affect in the great erathens area. thousand have already evacuated their homes. planes and helicopters from france, italy and cypress are helping to get ing thises under control. big bragging rights go to venezuela. the country captured the miss universe title. they have prettia woman and talented. miss dominican republic is the runner op. miss congeniality went to china. >> and what was the winner's talent last night? >> i don't know. i only watched the beginning. i do love those pageants. >> second year in a row that venezuela has won. tucker and i will be taking a trip there soon.
7:47 am
>> you will? >> if you had it, you would win. >> oh, tucker. but i don't have a tell necessarily. i can tell jokes. >> can you? >> that would make it better. if they did standup comedy, it with be hilarious. >> i would like that. >> maybe i won't go in then. i have to do weather or i'll get in trouble. >> let's do it. let's start with a look at our satellite radar. the showers and thunderstorms moving through the area to the south and east this morning are gemmily -- gemmily across the bay and the beaches here in washington, a mix of sun and clouds. it should be a beautiful day and less humid by the afternoon with high temperatn e e middle 80s. so a very nice forecast for us. e fact the next couple ayws should stay nice and dry. is a look at current temperatures. we are stuck at the 7 0-ee 0- mark. thatot consider the dew point temperatures are running about
7:48 am
50. so more comfortable than this weekend. 56 in pittsburgh. cincinnati in the mid-50s. 55 at this hour in pittsburgh. the front has been stalled just to the east for the past couple of days. and the thinking is that we'll get it off the coast and we'll have high pressure build in. so we'll have a decent afternoon with sunshine. quieter weather for the next couple of daves. here is a look at the five-day forecast. no rain expected around here until thursday or friday. that's our next best chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures seasonal. upper 80s to around 90 by wednesday. >> tucker, thank you. let's check in with julie wright for a look at traffic out there. >> it's a little slow southbound along 270 leaving germantown and again between shady grove road and 28. but all of the lanes are open. if you are traveling the inner loop of the beltway right here at route 1 college park, slow traffic continues around toward the greenbelt metro where we have a crash.
7:49 am
that's the focal point of the inner loop delay n. virginia, northbound # 95, traffic slowing north of duke street toward testimonyin airy road and across the 14th street bridge. traffic will slow on the prince william parkway toward lorton. that'a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. there was good news and there was bad news that came out of the redskins preseason victory over the steelers saturday the good news is they won. the bad news is the first team offense didn't have a whole lot to do with the win. first play from scrimmage, good news here, the redskins went for the long ball. something a lot of fans have said to do more often as jason campbell aird it out to malcolm kelly but the pass was broken up but he tried again later. moss didn't get it. he finished 1 for 7 and the only completion to chris cooley good for 10 yards. the first team offense managed just three points on three drives but coach zorn is overlooking the numbers and focusing on the positives. >> 1 for 7 and all of that kind
7:50 am
of stuff, but again i thought jason did a nice job getting us into the right play. he had several good honorables and i got to get him more time so this week we'll give him more time. now the defense was much better in the second preseason game. after giving up 500 yards, the burgundy and gold cut that in half, holding the steelers to just 238 yards. the big reason is the play of brian orakpo. the redskins first round pick and 13th pick overall was all over the place with four tackles and in the face of the quarterbacks all night. after just two games, the big kid from texas has not disappointed, nor did he back down with a chance to talk to dave feldman after the game. >> i know it's only two preseason games, but everyone says the difference between the nfl and college is speed. everyone said that you would make an easy adjustment and so far it seems like it has been for you. that's been easy?
7:51 am
do you notice a huge speed difference? >> yes. everybody has asked me that. the guys are fast and you have to be as equally as fast and you have to try to do the best you can. and it hasn't been easy. when i first came in, it was tough because we had to get everything down. >> it's good to be brian orakpo these days. >> it is. i love the team i'm on and i'm looking forward to the regular season. to baseball now and the wait for stephen strasburg to join the nationals is in full gear. we'll have more on him. but first the nats hosted the brewers yesterday looking to break a five-game losing streak. in the bottom of the 3rd, nats led 5-1. adam dunn delivers here with the second deck home run. the second time he's reached the second deck in a week. that's the 33rd of the year and the nats beat the brewers 8-3. pedro martinez now on the phillies taking on the new york
7:52 am
mets. here is your play of the day. bottom of the 9th, mets trail 9- 7 with 2 on and nobody out. jeff francoeur steps on second and tags out the other runner. and there it is. it is the first unassisted triple play to end the game since 1927. >> something that doesn't happen all that often. >> and the best thing is that's a guy that doesn't get a chance to play very much. and now he has a day to celebrate in the spotlight. >> that's very cool. coming up, the space shuttle discovery is fet for liftoff tomorrow morning, among the missions at hand for the crew, delivering the treadmill named after steven colbert to the space station. we'll get more for -- from the astronaut joining us. and the story behind this proposal next. ♪
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you can up load your original song for fox rocks. the top six will perform at
7:56 am
clarendon grill, and the winner plays here on fox 5 morning news and we'll make you a free three-minute video. in about -- and quentin tarantino's movie was number one, taking in over $37 million. doubling the take of district 9 which fell to number two, followed by gi joe and then julia and julia. some people say it way flowers and other -- it was flowers. a man spelled out his love one bail of hay at a time. it's in german. his girlfriend saw the message while looking out of her
7:57 am
bedroom window. she said yes, i will marry you. >> they're happy. all right. creativity. 7:56 right now on this monday morning. after 8:00, our money monday segment. how to prepare for the pesky unexpected expenses. plus the shuttle discovery has the green light to blast off tomorrow. on board, steven colbert. not the comedian, but a treadmill named after him and we'll talk to a fas -- nasa astronaut live in the next hour. at your chevy dealer.
7:58 am
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go to for details. it is straight up 8:00. and for many students around the region, it is back to class today from the first of it's kind school opening up, to a school where some students will be wearing face masks, we have everything covered for you this morning. and the obamas are on vacation, but with the theah l care push in critical condition, he might not get that much rest and relaxation. we're live on the hill this morning. and the main suspect of the swimsuit model is foundead but now there is a new mystery.
8:01 am
good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and kids, it's that time. you knew it had to come to an end. i would hope you would be enthusiastic. >> i think summer is getting shorter and shorter for kids. >> don't even get two full months any more, it seems. >> it's just about that. in montgomery county. >> they'll be smarter than we are. >> exactly i would hope so. >> all of that extra education. >> that he probably already are. >> and special in the way of computers te.heary i'll do best i arb iest can wit computer, the weather computer. >> you're by yourself today. > somebody has a bir >> i heard. . i hrd >>ere is the max hd radar. tos.unrmig >>wesr hoand thrs nd uns.rsrmto anyou can see they were earlier today armoss st. ry un tycory uncoty severe weather, so ean e, it be possibility of the, ngpossibility of strong showers
8:02 am
washington doing typecloudy conditions, we should be in for a doesn't da toy y and ndconsiotoit ycoitions hn in town as we get into theno. temperature rigowtefhtonno n temperature right now 70 degrees at reagan national. i repeat 70 degrees. let's move on to the map there. 71% humidity. winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour. that's pumping in drier air. remember how humid it was this weekend. it will be less humid today. mostly sunny by afternoon. the possibility of those early showers well off to the south and east across the east earp shore. high temperature is a seasonal 87 degrees. i'll have more details in the forecast coming up. you missed the event at eastern market when we were there. >> people were asking for tony and tucker. >> were they? >> more tony than tucker.
8:03 am
>> it was good to see you, julie wright, and. >> after everybody left, i got my muddy butty. it was fun. we have the labor -- we have the lanes open, accident activity off to the shoulder but it is the focal point of the inner loop delay. traffic -- at the inner loop, slow. and now authorities are checking for a crash southbound 95 on the ramp zit for the outer loop. 395 across the 14th street bridge, all of your lanes are open. 395 slows in separate stretches leaving the beltway toward seminary road and forth of boundary channel drive crossing the potomac. to accidents to report at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time trfic. thank you very much. as you can see right here, students across the area back in class this morning for the first day of school.
8:04 am
sky fox was over brandywine this morning as the school buses headed out for the first day. classes are back in session in prince george's county and an arendel county, fauquier, and spotsylvania county and culpeper too. sarah is live. >> reporter: school just opened at the burros middle school. the construction is done despite concern from the parents. now yesterday we were here, construction crews were still here doing work and just a few minutes ago, we did get a look inside the school to see just what a difference a day makes. you can take a look here. people are starting to come into the school right now. the 29-year-old school did get
8:05 am
a major face lift. there was new paint, floors, bathrooms, air-conditioning. it does look like new inside. the teachers had classrooms ready for students except for a few final finishing touches. teachers were working alongside construction workers yesterday to make sure they were ready on time. the pta was not satisfied with the progress of the renovations, concerned that with paint fumes and other parent materials left behind that it would not be safe. >> it takes 72 hours before you can even come in an environment like this. so we don't even have a 72-hour window after they finish. they're going to put the kids in an unsafe environment and it's not fair to the children, the parents or the administration. >> reporter: as you can see, the project is not complete. so my daughter won't be going until wednesday. >> now despite what you saw yesterday, we just went inside,
8:06 am
like i said, a couple minutes ago. the school is open and the principal says it is ready and parents should not be concerned about sending kids to school today. the pta said they would be out here handing out face masks. i have not een any of that just yet. they said they would greet parents urging them not to send kids to school for 72 hours until air quality tests were done and the d.c. school board says they did safe and it is safe for occupancy. one parent says that the school looks great. it is a huge change he says from the way this 29-year-old school looked last year. as for the smell of paint, it is not overwhelming and said the smell of newness is expected. sherry live, fox 5 news. and mary chai did her anl
8:07 am
you'll tour of public schools. dangerous lead levels were found, and broken doors and air- conditioning systems in classrooms. despite the small problems councilwoman chai said she was pleased with what she found. halls are filled right now. the buses rolled out and school doors are open. this morning we tacked with superintendent dr. william hite about what challenges the district faces and what is new, like several k-8 schools. >> what is exciting about those schools is that when students enter pre-k or kindergarten, now they can stay through the 8th grade as opposed to the 5th grade and then have to transition somewhe else. so we're very excited. we also have a performing arts school, a new performing arts school, benjamin falloy and that is a replication of a very, very great good program that we have in the county. and a highly sought-after program. >> the doctor says the highest
8:08 am
challenge is dealing with shrinking revenues. still ahead, holly joins us with more in prince george's county and that's coming up after 8:30. if you're dragging in your foot when it comes to trading in the clunker, you better hurry because the program ends tonight. but some dealers have backed out saying the government is taking them too long to reimburse them. they spoke with one auto dealer this morning and said he's never seen so many happy consumers. >> this program should be easy to trade if your old car for the new car but there are 18 pages of laws, 160 pages of regulations and it's so colex it's hard for us to apply, equally difficult for the government to process the applications. we've been paid on perhaps 3% of the deals we've done so far. >> but despite the paperwork, they do see this as a real
8:09 am
stimulus. and people without clunkers came to buy cars. he said his company will do about a thousand deals under the program. >> the president and his family are spending the first day of their week long vacation in massachusetts. but he might not get much r & r, the debate over health care may be slip ago way for the white house. doug luzader joins us live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the white house says this is going to be a quiet vacation for the first family, away from all of the cameras and the bu in washington. but that doesn't mean the president isn't doing work behind the scenes to try to salvage his push for health care reform. the pictures look ideal. the first family arriving on martha's vineyard before they sec luted to a 28 -- secluded 28-acre compound. it's a world away from the health care debate as lawmakers are watching support for the
8:10 am
plan fall. >> quite simple, it's dropping because people are reading the legislation and seeing the details and seeing the rhetoric that was used to sell this plan is -- disconnected from the plan. >> and the deficit is said to rise over the next few years and that makes it a tougher sell for the democrats. >> people are worried about adding to the deficit or the fashional debt which is understandable and the president said he will not sign a bill that will add to the deficit. >> there is talk the president may break away from his vacationto pay a visit to ted kennedy who is fighting brain cancer and his absence may be hurting the president's cause. >> because he had a unique way of sitting down with the parties at a table and making the rights concessions which
8:11 am
are the essence of successful negotiations. >> and even in the summer doll drums, those investigations are still under way. >> reporter: and the president will be working the phones during the vacation. he will need just about every democrat to get it through. allison. >> doug luzader live on the hill. thank you. and 8:10 on on this monday morning. new headlines this morning, including the new mystery surrounding the death of a man's ex-wife. and also coming up in the money monday set,en tips on how to prepare for unexpected expenses. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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8:14 am
is>> 8:14 now as we look at stories making headlines o is inm d.c. police investigating a shooting in the 800 block of 51st street northeast. it happened about five hours ago, just after 3:00. the victim in stable condition
8:15 am
after being shot in the back. so far no word on a suspect description. a manhunt for a tv reality contestant ends with his suicide. now police are looking for a woman who dropped ryan jenkins off at a hotel near vancouver, bankrupt. he fled to canada after his wife's body turned up in a bumpster in california. a woman paid for the hotel for three days and the hotel found the body after no one checked out. and hurricane bill downgraded to a trom this morning. still created big waves along the east coast this past weekend. big you have to sweep a group of tourists into the water and a 7-year-old died. in canada, heavy rains and fierce wind have cut power to thousands in nova scotia. 8:15 right now. we've gone up, 71 degrees now. >> back to where we started at 4:00 55 this morning.
8:16 am
that's why we have tucker barnes here like 4 -- 4:55 this morning. >> nothing changes. >> that's right. less humidity than yesterday. that's a bright spot in the forecast. but i want to start with the bright spot of the moment and that is the my first 5 photo of the day. it is time for 5-year-old christopher, everybody. >> a little tiger. >> yes. he loves golfing and believe it or not, even at the age of 5, he owns his own clubs. his grandma predicts he'll be a champion. and we'll know from tiger playing at this age, if you do play every moment and it's your destiny, you will be a champion. >> he looks to have good form. nice setup. >> better form than you, steve. >> that's true. why do you have to go there. >> well it's true. >> for more and to submit your child's picture, go to
8:17 am let's move on to weather. conditions, 71 at reagan national, bwi marshall is 71. pleasant conditions here in washington. off to the east and the south down toward the hebhes eacwee we still dealig thwi shower and thunderstorm activity. in fact, they were raging this morning toward st. ma's county but off to the north ands hat,e clearing into ohio and west virginia. there is an area of high pressure out there hathat will start to build if later this o. n so the trend around will be to decrease the cloudiness and partly sunny. mid-80s and as i mentioned, less humidity than this weekend. so the forecast is a nice one and the next couple of days will feature quiet weather here in washington. 87 for an afternoon high. slightest risk for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm here. tomorrow and wednesday, highs in the upper 80s to about 90. but lower humidity so it won't feel too bad for you. thursday and friday, cold front arrives and gives us our next
8:18 am
best chance for widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. that will do it for your forecast. let's get to another great golfer, julie wright. >> did you say golf? >> miniture golf. >> i can get the ball through the clown's mouth. >> i bet you can. out on the roads, we have the lanes open with no accidents to report. if you're traveling the outer loop leaving 95 college park into silver spring. the problem here at the inner loop, accident near the greenbelt metro, moved over to the shoulder, but that is the focal point of the inner loop delay. slowing before college park all the way toward greenbelt and then the pace improves. no incident to report on route 50 but the pace is slowing at 202 out of chefly to northeast. 66 approaching 123 slowing and from nutley into the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. checking some money news this morning, new this morning,
8:19 am
the publisher of reader's digest has filed for capt 11 bankruptcy protection. it's looking to cut it's debt from 2 if the $2 billion by swapping some of the debt for equity. officials say the company's operations remain solid. well chances are you've been told to save money for a rainy day, but what if you're faced with a financial thunderstorm. joining us now with good advice on how to weather the storm and prepare for lives unexpected challenges is financial advisor bill moran. he is with merrill lynch. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me start by saying nest egg that we try to save in our bank accounts, is that enough today? >> it's one thing that you want to make sure you focus on earlier rather than later. be ready for the storm before the storm hits. and so for most folks, 3-6 months of income expenses is really what you want to have set aside for yourself. and if you're the major or only breadwinner, you want to go as
8:20 am
high as 9-12 months. >> because they come up at unexpected times. and let's get some real tips and you say don't assume that job of yours is safe. think almost like as if you were about to be laid off, really. >> again, in this environment, it's really a difficult time for all of us right now. we're going to get through it. we're resilient and we'll get through this. but you don't want to think that you are immune from everything going on. and so you want to plan for the worst. last month we had over 14 million people in this country unemployed and so you want to make sure the resume is polished and dusted off and ready to go so in the event you do need to be out there, exacttively marketing yourself, you can do so. >> and we talked about having a nest egg. and keep some of the assets liquid. we're so conscious on investing for the future, it's hard to get your hands on future if it's in a program or 401k or ira. >> it's called building your
8:21 am
foundation of investments and the biggest part of the foundation is at the base and that's where you want to have your savings accounts, your money market, your cds, the things you could tap into relatively quickly. if things really really became dire and you had to go into the retirement accounts, fine, but that's really last resort. you don't want to do that because you could have negative tax implications and things like that. >> negotiate your options. often when you get laid off or let go, you just leave with what you can grab ahold to. but you say, try to negotiate that severance pay and the health insurance. do we have any leeway or rights when we are let go. >> not necessarily rights. but you want to try to keep its in unemotional as you can and keep your head clear and talk to the people and say this is what i've got going on. is there anything you can do as far as helping me with finding some different outsource programs that i can be working with, helping me with the insurance coverage, things like that. i mean it's a very emotional
8:22 am
thing and you want to make sure that you and your family e protecting best you can be. >> and that ties into the don't assume your job is secure. if one day you're blindsided, think about this every day it could possibly happen. >> and ee what you can do within your own field, what can you do to hone your own skills to make yourself that much more valuable or what you can do for your future employer. >> and last but not least, you say you're with merrill lynch, but try to get ahold of a trusted advisor to help you right now in case you have these challenges down the road. >> everyone's situation is unique and you want to make sure you are working with whoever that advisor is, whether it's your financial advisor, your attorney, your accountant, or just a trusted advisor. don't go it alone. make sure you have someone there that will hepa long the way as a great sounding board and can walk you through this.
8:23 am
>> sometimes you might not be able to afford it but you might not be able to not afford it. bill moran, thank you. tens of thousands o lfocal students should be in school, but those who e not should be on the jo bro alert. you can find out what is ahead on the show at and you can comment on stories. stay wuss. we're coming right back. it's 8:22. f carol! denise! you've lost weight! it's just all these giant things make me look small. (chuckle) i hate dieting. me too. that's why i eat this fiber one yogurt. (mr. mehta) it has five grams of fiber, zero fat, and fifty calories. please, this is too creamy and delicious.
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maryland governor martin alley is expected to update the public on swine flu precipitations this afternoon of the the governor will talk at a news conference at prince george's community college in largo. he's also expected to talk about any bio surveillance efforts. the first clinical trial for the new swine flu vaccine in children could start this week. the cdc gave a thumbs up after a study on adults showed no flags. so far there is only soreness and redness at the injection
8:27 am
site. but researchers don't know if it will produce enough of a response to protect many from the swine flu virus. and one jonas brother, the one-third of the group will talk about youth diabetes and his own battle witthis condition. it's part of his crusade to in spire other young people managing their diabetes. nothing like a little star power behind your cause. it is now 8:26 on this monday morning. 71 degrees now. >> our back to school coverage continues in the next half hour. we're live with more on a first of its kind school in prince george's county. and now that the kids are back in school, maybe can you enjoy a little lunch on the town. it's d.c. restaurant week. nearly 180 restaurants are offering restaurants for $20.09 and dinner for $35.09. we have a full left of restaurants on just look under web links and we'll be right back. lift?
8:28 am
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8:30. it's 71 degrees. looking at stories making headlines this morn monday. a massive steel column from the world trade center that has been stored at jfk is being returned to ground zero. the 58-ton, 36-foot tall beam dubbed the last column will become part of the memorial. and new video of fidel castro, showing a healthier looking castro talking with a group of visiting school children from convenient diesella. the location of the meeting is not known. a new miss universe has been crowned. the woman from venezuela is 18
8:32 am
and miss congeniality went to ms. china. >> he's been working on poses all morning. mr. congeniality. >> and my talent is i can point at showers and thunderstorms. we have showers pushing off the coast and near the beach, we still have some good cells. all of this should be out of here over the next hour or so. so down at the beaches, be ready for more showers and thunderstorms for the next hour or two. here in washington, not a bad looking start. sunshine working and no precip, and mostly quiet here today. just a isolated chance of shower or thunderstorm. showing you the satellite radar, this is the last vestages of the stationary front that made it's presence felt around here on saturday. it brought us the heavy rain. it's still lingering off to the south and east and that's why we have the morning showers and
8:33 am
thunderstorms. off to the north and west, high pressure will build in here, and it will be warm with high temperatures in the upper 80s and less humidity and this will make it feel better this afternoon. 71 at reagan national. 69 in dulles. a comfortable start off to the north and west with dew point temperatures running in the 50s. we had temperatures in the lower 60s in hagerstown this morning and it's 68 u there and 66 in winchester. a look at your forecast for today, again dealing with the early morning showers and thunderstorms off to the south and east, but later today mostly sunny for us and less humid with a high teemed of 87 degrees. winds out of the north and west at about 5 miles per hour. now let's go to julie wright with the latest with our fox 5 on-time traffic. we have the lanes open with no accidents to report as you continue around the capital beltway on the outer loop. authorities are checking for a crash southbound 95 before you reach 212 in beltwaysville and
8:34 am
before the beltway. both accidents on the left side of the road. a live shot approaching bladensberg, problems say there is a problem with the signal lights. no help yet on the scene to direct you through the intersection so it's kind of a free for all at this point. delays leaving south dakota avenue towards bladensberg aroad. more traffic approaching the third street tunnel. bening road to 8th street not a bad alternate but the construction could cost you meime. the inner loop of the beltway leaving 95 college park past route 1, the problem is the accident on the shoulder over the greenbelt metro. that's the focal point of the inner loop delay. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the first day of school is now well underway across the region as kids are back in class in d.c. and in three counties in northern virginia and four counties in maryland suburbs. >> in prince george's county,
8:35 am
six new k-8 schos and the first performing arts school in the south end. and holly is live at the benjamin falloy school. >> reporter: benjamin falloy is the name. dr. virginia payne is the principal of the school. good morning. congratulations on your new school. >> thank you. >> reporter: and what is going through your mind on the new school? >> everybody is focused on getting the school going. >> reporter: and what was the buzz on the star as far as embarking on a new school year? >> he can't wait to integrate the arts with the academics e. and how important is that? there is a lot of buzz about this being the first performing arts school in the southern part of the county, and how
8:36 am
much can that make in a child's education. >> it's an opportunity to learn by doing. they take their artistic talent and interest and connect those with the academic abilities and they soar. >> and you can give me the schematics of the school and how many kids are going here. >> we have a projected enrollment of 525 and we have two classes of each grade, 5-5. we have three classes of 6 and 7 and we have a creative arts wing. >> reporter: and how is the day broken up? there is the traditional academic part of the day and now the performing arts side. >> the middle school students chose a major. and they will begin with that today and then go to the academic classes. e elementary students will start with the academics and the grade of arts are infused in during the day in two different time slots. >> reporter: and we were talking with dr. hite this
8:37 am
morning and how there are six new schools of 6-8 and the advantage of that. how do you balance that with the fact that you do have 8th graders with such little kids too, because that could be maybe a concern? >> we have the building divided. so our middle school students are on the second floor, the our elementary students are on the bottom floor and the can't is right in front door so they don't interact. >> and this is a highly sought after school for a lot of kids to get into. for the ones that get the tonight, that's great, but for the ones that don't get the opportunity, what do you say to them and they're parents? >> we've been telling them to apply for the lottery again next year and if you have auditioned, keep practicing. >> reporter: and doctor hite talked about the importance of parents being a part of the education and he encouraged parents to bring their kids to school this morning. how much does that make a difference in this type of
8:38 am
education as well? >> it does. parents are the key. parents are our partners and we're making sure that we have our communications open for them, my door is always open. we have people ready to answer phones and to answer questions. if we don't have the answer. we'll get it for you. and we're looking forward to working closely with parents to make the year a success. >> very good. we wish you success this year. >> sank you very much. >> reporter: we've heard the bells ringing so we expect the buses to arrive any more. an exciting day indeed. >> and we learned something from you too. falloy. >> you both get a-pluses. >> good start, steve into its 8:38. coming up next, an update on the massive wildfire wildfire threatening landmarks. and our job of the day, a
8:39 am
rse, travel is required in prince george county. for more, go tomycofoc.m.xd and stay wussmoomi we hnga muc it is 8:38 now on this monday morning.
8:40 am
well, are you going to pick it or not? it's not ready yet. (announcer) tim and richard smucker grew up learning that you have to pick fruit at the peak of perfection if you want jam to taste extra delicious. it's getting close. (announcer) for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
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anne arundel county police make an arrest in a deadly hit- and-run. maryolin was killed while walking to church on saturday night. the driver of a minivan lost control and struck her in glen burnie. officers eventually tracked down 26-year-old matthew norwood in a convenience store parking lot and police say he will be charged. the archbishop of baltimore has remove aid priest pending an investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse. someone came forward saying that the priest abused him several times in the mid-70s while he worked in frederick. the 73-year-old was most recently a paster in cumberland. firefighters battling raging wildfires in greece are making ground now that heavy winds are dying down. a state of emergency is in affect in the athens area. at least five people have been injured. none of them seriously.
8:43 am
this morning dozens of nuns had to be rescued from a convent. thousands of oranges have evacuated. planes and helicopters from france and italy and cypress are bringing the fire under control. and our back to school coverage continues with a look at how maryland tries to keep young drivers safe on the road this year. and the fht for a passenger bill of rights is taking off. what it could mean for you the next time you travel. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back. 8:42ow. 
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crooks strike again at lindsey lohan's dad. her dad says thieves smashed a safe. her father believes it was an inside job. continue to calls to poison control centers about teen-
8:47 am
agers misusing adhd drugs. they includage administration, rapid heart rate and high blood pressure. parents will soon have a clever new tool at their disposal for teen drivingch it's called zoom safer. teen drivers can be stopped from driving while texting and driving. nine teeth age -- teen- agers were killed last year. >> many credit a safe driving program. let's find out more about the program from charles county sheriff rex coffee who joins
8:48 am
us. good morning. >> good morning to you as well. >> we remember that we h the nine fatalities for students and it was a terrible time. thing he changed last year. what are you doing differently? >> you mentioned there to your viewer that's we did have nine fatalities and in that 07-08 school year and it lake that -- our county had come to be defined. so last year we pulled out all of the stoves and we wanted kids to mak known that we came one a wee care program and we did everything we could to keep safe driving in their face and at forefront and we spot checked at schools to make sure they were wearing their seat belts in and out, make sure that they didn't have more kids in the vehicle than they should have. the school got on board with it, our superintendent mr. richmond was 100% behind it. we had a monthly news campaign and poster awareness, radio and
8:49 am
television such as yourself make public service announcements for us and our local channel in our county also came on board and put something out monthly about it. and it seems like the kids bought into the program. and as a result, last year we had no fatalities so we were really excited about that. and we just wanted to get back on the right step here the first day of school in charles county. >> dramatic increase, from 9 to zero. that is a wonderful statistic to be able to report. so today you start again and you're out there in force. the first step is passing out flyers so the students know we are watching again. >> yes. yes we did. and we were there. we were there this morning passing out flyers and it has a lot of information about changes in the law and where we they can do to find the changes in the law and for public awareness and we even gave it out to parents that were dropping off their kids. >> and sheriff. >> know you're not trying to get to the kids, you're also
8:50 am
trying to get to the parents and let them know they play a big role in this. >> no doubt. we're all in this together. certainly law enforcement came up with this program along with the school system and it really es start at home. the kids see the parents and how they drive and special its like anything else, they're influenced by that. >> and i mentioned the flyers, but again talk about, sheriff, quickly, what will happen this year as far as the spot checks as they're leaving and the repercussions if they show unsafe driving habits. >> absolutely. when we write citation for violations of the issues, the parents will be notified and the state of maryland cam on with a law ow that when a child receives a ticket, that the district court want -- once the district court notifies mva, motor vehicle administration, they'll notify the parents as well so we'll see that as a big benefit. and the kids will know. and the driving behavior is tied to the school privilege to
8:51 am
park at the school. and i don't know where it is everywhere else, but here in charles county the kids view that as a really important privilege to be able to drive to school. >> that is certainly valuable. you're absolutely right. and thank you for joining us. and let's hope this is the only thing that keeps you busy throughout the school year. that's sheriff rex coffee this morning. thank you very much. >> thank you. some frightening moments for a pilot and drivers in south america. southern california. a plane made an emergency landing on a freeway and hit three cars. the pilot reportedly lost control after running out of fuel. and we've heard the horror stories of passengers stuck on the tarmac for hours with nowhere to go. one latest incident has set off a push to for lgislation.
8:52 am
one plane sat on the tarmac for six hours on friday. >> the legislation requires airlines to offer passengers the option of safely leaving the plane they've boarded, once that plane has sat on the ground for three hours after the plane doors close. >> senator schumer says more than half of extreme delays of more than 3 hours take place at the three major new york airports. the shuttle discovery has a green light to blast off in about 17 hours or so. among those on board, colbert. well not the comedian but the treadmill named after him. we'll talk with a nasa astronaut about the mission coming up in a few minutes. plus tucker is back with a final look at our five-day forecast. it's now 8:51. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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right now it is all systems go for a blastoff of the space shuttle discovery. in just about 17 hours or so, 1:36 a.m. it is set to go. here it is live on the launch pad. this is this morning. the 7 astronauts on board will deliver about 17,000 pounds of supplies and equipment to the international space station. three space walks are also planned during this 13-day flight. joining us now with more is katie coleman. it's good to see you. i understand you are a wood soon high school graduate from fairfax virginia, which i think is great because one of the astronauts is pat forester from springfield, virginia, so we're doing a good representation of northern virginia today. >> it's true. it's a great play to go to school. >> talk about this mission. it's a nighttime launch. does that make a difference? >> well, i think it makes a difference for the folks on the ground in that its just amazing to see when the space shutting
8:57 am
goes up at night,it lights up the whole sky. basically from coast to coast in florida and up the coast, you can see it for so far and it's really beautiful and amazing. >> there are some people who have said that this mission is kind of equal to taking a movie van into space because they're carting a whole bunch of equipment up there. talk about what this mission will accomplish. >> inside this moving van in the back of a pay load bay, which is a multi purpose logistics module, we have a range of things. everything from a new system to clean the air, a freezer to store experiments so they can be fresh when we bring them home, we have new racks or pieces of equipment for material science, for fluid science. we have food, a whole bing range of things, including a new treadmill. we have 6 people on board and other kinds of exercise equipment, but with six people
8:58 am
we need more exercise equipment to make sure everybody can be healthy when they come home. we have supplies outside and we're resupplying the inside and outside of the space station. like you said, 17,000 pounds of stuff. >> and none of us have been to space before and why is it important for exercise in space and how do you do it, because you would think you're already weightless, that's good enough, right? >> well, have you to be a little creative about it. it's important because we're still learning why this is, but basically in space, being weightless, by not walking on our feet and having these signals that go to our brain like she uses these bones and muscles, because we don't do that, our brain doesn't get that message and lose up to 1% a month of bone mass. so nicole scott is a space station crew member going up on the station. as soon as she gets up there, immediately she starts losing
8:59 am
bone. it's like osteoporosis times ten and we use a family of exercises devises, one of which is a treadmill to be pounding and held down by bunchy cords on to the treadmill. and we also use a bicycle for aerobic activity and a resistance machine kind of like a solo flex that you can do different load-bearing exercises to tell all of your muscles that you need them when you come home. if we don't, can he come back with a remarkable loss of bone. >> that's fascinating. i had no idea. now this particular treadmill that is going up, is the so- called colbert treadmill named for steven colbert. does that give a little extra attention to the space program, having his name tagged on to this? >> you know, it's just something that seemed meant to be. i think that he wanted us to name a whole big part of the space station after him. but i think that his intent was, hey, america, we have a space program.

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